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Codequest is all you need for your startup venture - from impeccable code, user friendly design to effective marketing and product consultancy.

AI Solutions Hub

Our AI/ML experts develop custom solutions for your unique business challenges. We specialize in NLP, computer vision, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and generative algorithms. Our services include training advanced models, data analysis, and crafting precise prompts to meet customer needs. Read more >

Custom Drone Solutions

At codequest, we leverage our award-winning expertise to develop advanced autonomous drones tailored to your needs. By integrating cutting-edge hardware with our proprietary software solutions, our commitment to innovation ensures that our drones are always at the forefront of technology. Read more >

Mobile Development

We have a solid portfolio containing a great selection of mobile apps. Our specialty is native development for iOS using Swift and development for Android in Kotlin and Java, at the same time we can also develop solid multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using React Native. Read more >

Web Development

We can help you build solid backends using rapid development in Ruby on Rails or Node.js, responsive frontend interfaces in React or Angular or scalable microservices in Go or Elixir as well as backends in Kotlin. We always use the most optimal approach for the job. Read more >

UX & UI Design

Design-driven creativity runs in our veins. The best kind, for which we use Design Sprints to create users' flow, wireframes, interactive mockups and brand identity. Read more >

Machine Learning

It’s what makes us tick. We ❤️ Machine Learning and have hands-on experience creating applications using both Artificial Intelligence 🤖 and Machine Learning methods.

Big Data

With vast experience in concurrent computing and searching for valuable insights, we’re the go-to team when it comes to big data solutions and projects that require processing of a large amount of data.

Development Operations

Once the application is built, it has to be maintained and easily scalable. We employ AWS certified engineers and can help you out with Docker and Kubernetes.

Case studies 🏅

At codequest, we have the privilege to work with outstanding clients on great projects! We have been creating top-notch and user-centered software for the past ten years. Below you can check out some of the products we built delivered for organizations of various sizes - from startups to big corporations. Enjoy!

Let’s make a difference. Together 🎉

Are you looking for a partner who will help turn your ideas into an awesome product with clean code and a scalable system? Look no more! We love working with entrepreneurs that aim to make a difference.

Emil Kaiser - Manager at Booli SE

Emil Kaiser

Manager at Booli SE

They genuinely care about the product, including both the quality of the code and the resulting app.

Prabhakar "KP" Karri - Founder & CEO at Nlyt

Prabhakar "KP" Karri

Founder & CEO at Nlyt

I really appreciate the technical depth and perspective that the codequest team has.

Aleksander Widera - CEO at KredytMarket

Aleksander Widera

CEO at KredytMarket

What I like about codequest is that they don't start coding until we both are 100% sure that we have the same understanding of the issue that we need to code.

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