Native iOS Development in Swift

Design flawless apps using technology officially supported by Apple.

Swift is the official go to language to write native apps for iOS. Native means that iOS development is being made in the language dedicated for the platform, using the SDK and design practices that were created by Apple.

Why iOS development in Swift?

When considering how to create your app you have to use the best tool for the job. For most projects this tool is called Swift, since iOS apps written in this language still have the best performance and the code is officially supported by Apple.


If you are planning to build an app that will be used by many users or contain advanced features, the optimal technology of choice is Swift. iOS apps written in this language are faster, smoother and designed according to the best practices of Apple, which ultimately means the best User Experience user satisfaction.

Native Design

Apple has its own design guidelines for iOS that differ from the guidelines of Google for the Android platform. If you think that the users of your app deserve a great experience dedicated for their platform you should not take any shortcuts and develop your app using Swift.

Mothership Support

With all the hybrid technologies being more and more popular people often tend to forget that iOS development in Swift is the official technology supported by Apple. This means better guidelines, support and future updates, straight from the source. As Apple continuously updates their OS with new features you can count on their support for Swift.

Some of our awesome iOS apps 🚀

We love to design and develop native iOS apps and our highly skilled team is read to dive into new challenges! Here is a selection of apps that we have created.

Why iOS development in Swift?

While new technologies and languages are essential to create great apps, a product would not be robust without a system to verify the quality of the work, and an approach that allows us to build exactly what the client wants. Here are some of the most important solutions that help us deliver what we promise.

Apple Watch

As Apple moves towards new platforms and operating systems we can assure that Swift is the best way to keep up in this race. Apple Watch development and development of apps that are working across devices benefit the most from using native ios development.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next big thing from Apple. With ARKit, developers can create mind blowing experiences in the AR space for users of the latest iPhones and iPads. Development of Augmented Reality software for iOS is best supported by Swift.

Complex Apps

For apps that use complex animations, new features from Apple or that are data heavy there is really only one solution. As mentioned earlier: iOS development in Swift is the best way to achieve great performance and user experience.

Apps using the Phone’s hardware

When creating native Swift apps developers have full power using hardware that come with iOS devices, such as the camera, accelerometer or GPS. While hybrid apps have these possibilities as well, handling hardware in native apps creates smoother user experience and is less prone to create bugs in the development process.

When should I consider React Native?

There are certain apps that could benefit from another approach. As we use the best tool for the job we can also develop your app in React Native!

If you are looking to build a simple app with few fancy features or if you are looking to create a Proof of Concept to try with your market or with your investors then React Native could be a good solution: This approach allows us to build an app for iOS and Android using one set of code.

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