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Our mission is to deliver web products from A to Z. We can develop both front- and back ends, which makes us your one-stop software development company.

web development


Codequest specializes in full stack web app development. Ever since our start in 2009 we have focused on state-of-the-art responsive web applications. Our approach is to use the latest technologies to ensure that the apps we build are robust, performant and up to date with the latest trends.

Ruby on Rails

Responsive interfaces with React or Angular

Codequest is your one stop JavaScript development company, and one of our expertises is creating state-of-the-art frontends in React. React.js is a JavaScript framework that allows for the creation of complex, responsive interfaces for client-side web applications, making the experience of your app at the highest level. It is also one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, which makes it a natural alternative at codequest. React development is pleasant and powerful and it has a very powerful support structure thanks to the fact that it is backed and developed by Facebook.

Angular is a JavaScript framework widely used in web app development. It issupported and developed by Google, making it a solid choice to build frontends that are performant and that will make any app a smooth experience in your browser. Angular works in great harmony with HTML, making the creation of web apps easy and intuitive. Speed and performance are two of the key elements here, which makes Angular the perfect tool to build web pages and apps that run smoothly in different browsers and on different desktop and mobile environments.

Rapid Product Development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails development is very fast, making it the perfect choice to develop backends for startups that have a fast time to market strategy. Rails saves development time by 25 to 50 percent compared to other languages, which has made it the selected technology to launch products such as Twitter, Basecamp, AirBnB and Dribbble.

The advantages of Ruby lay in the fact that it has a huge community of developers and a very wide variety of open source code created, making it easy to learn and very fast to use, expanding the user base even further. It is a powerful language in any type of web backend, no matter how complex.

To summarize the obvious: teams using Ruby on Rails can bring secure, stable products to market quickly with a lower total cost of ownership than other tools out there.

Enterprise applications written in Kotlin

Development in Kotlin is a relatively new phenomenon but it has already gained a lot of traction among the development community. Today this language, based on JVM is becoming a great alternative or complement to backends written in the Java environment.

Kotlin is modern, easy to use and marries very well with projects already written in Java, which makes it a highly interesting option for applications that handle big amounts of data or where scalability is of utmost importance.

We at codequest have identified the potential of developing applications in Kotlin and offer this technology as one of our core services.


While new technologies and languages are essential to create great apps, a product would not be robust without a system to verify the quality of the work, and an approach that allows us to build exactly what the client wants. Here are some of the most important solutions that help us deliver what we promise.

Code Review

We think that every change in the code of an application requires a second opinion from a person not responsible for the implementation. Code review together with automated code checks lets us remove the majority of flaws and make the structure of the code better.

Continuous Delivery

We use tools such as Jenkins and Docker to ensure continuous delivery of our projects. We build, test and release software in short time cycles which reduces time to market and increases the quality of your app.

Pair Programming

While we don't pair program 100% of the time, we recognize the difficulty in acting as a team when we work at a distance from each other. There is no better collaboration between developers or designers than at the keyboard.

Agile Delivery

Being Agile means that we can react to necessary changes during software development. It means that we are fully flexible, using feedback from our clients and environment to create robust software with the best possible market fit.

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