Natural Language Processing Services

Our natural language processing (NLP) solutions let machines understand, interpret, and respond to language the same way humans do. We provide a variety of applications, delivering innovative and effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our expertise

Using the power of NLP, we create systems that process and analyze large amounts of natural language data, helping you optimize business operations, boost productivity, and make smarter decisions.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Creating smart chatbots that engage users, offer support, and enhance customer service. We use pre-trained models, fine-tuning them to meet specific needs.

Sentiment analysis

Using NLP techniques, we can gauge the sentiment behind text data—positive, negative, or neutral—providing actionable insights to enhance products and services.

Text recognition and processing

Creating apps that can accurately recognize, extract, and process text from different sources, simplifying data entry and analysis. This includes OCR for digitizing printed documents and NLU for understanding the context and intent behind the text.

Technologies we use

We leverage the latest libraries and frameworks to deliver robust and scalable NLP solutions.

NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)

NLTK is a complete library for building Python programs that handle human language data. It offers tools for text processing, tokenization, parsing, and semantic reasoning.


Famous for its speed and accuracy, spaCy is an open-source library for advanced natural language processing. It comes with pre-trained models and supports tasks like part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition, and dependency parsing.


A library offering top-tier architectures for NLP, Transformers let us use pre-trained models like BERT, GPT-3, and RoBERTa for tasks like text classification, summarization, and translation.


Gensim is a library for topic modeling and document similarity analysis. It helps us efficiently process large text corpora, spot patterns, and extract meaningful topics from huge amounts of text.

Key applications

Here’s where codequest can help you solve your data challenges using natural language processing.

Customer support automation

Enhancing customer service with chatbots that can handle inquiries, provide support, and improve response times.

Market sentiment analysis

Analyzing social media and customer reviews to gauge public sentiment and inform business strategies.

Document processing

Automating the extraction and processing of text from documents, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

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