Android development in Kotlin and Java

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codequest does development of native Android applications in Java and Kotlin. With the amount of Android devices increasing this operative system is surely worth considering when building your app.

Kotlin development

Kotlin is the latest Google supported language to write apps for Android. It has gotten a lot of buzz and is considered a brilliant alternative to Java. At codequest we write Android apps using both technologies. Here is a short overview of the many benefits of Kotlin.

Works well with Java

If you already have an app built in Java you don’t need to worry: Kotlin modules will work alongside the programming code and integrate with all existing Java libraries and frameworks as well as JVM.

Increased Productivity

When writing in Kotlin a developer does not have to deal with a big amount of repetitive coding. According to sources developers use about 20% less code than in Java. Kotlin has a intuitive and compact interface which saves time and fastens deployment.

Less prone to errors

Kotlin helps developers avoid errors using the NullPointExceptions. Its efficient compiler is specifically designed to auto cast the mistakes. It also has features to add new functionalities to existing classes and much more.

Android globally

With 85% of the worldwide smartphone shipments being for Android, development of your app for Android is surely a good strategy.

Android dominates in terms of market share of all new smartphone shipments with about 85% of the market share vs around 15% for iOS. Especially in some markets such as Asia, Africa or South America Android dominance is almost total. Therefore many startups decide to build their app for both iOS and Android in parallell.

Worldwide Smartphone Shipment OS Market Share

When should I consider React Native?

There are certain apps that could benefit from another approach. As we use the best tool for the job we can also develop your app in React Native!

If you are looking to build a simple app with few fancy features or if you are looking to create a Proof of Concept to try with your market or with your investors then React Native could be a good solution: This approach allows us to build an app for iOS and Android using one set of code.

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