Computer Vision for Business

At codequest, we specialize in creating advanced computer vision solutions that empower machines to interpret and act on visual data.

Our expertise

codequest’s innovative computer vision technology delivers key operational insights using top-tier deep learning AI models. Here are some of our past projects:

Object recognition and tracking in drones

Using state-of-the-art algorithms, we've built systems that let drones recognize and track objects in real-time, even on limited hardware. Perfect for military and surveillance needs.

Text recognition and analysis of documents

Our systems accurately recognize and extract text from various types of documents, making data entry and analysis a breeze.

Custom visual codes

While every project is unique, we have experience designing custom circular visual codes, handling complex image analysis, and developing error correction algorithms.

Human pose estimation

We’ve implemented human pose estimation systems, allowing us to detect and analyze body positions and movements. This technology is perfect for sports analytics, physical therapy, and security monitoring.

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Technologies we use

We leverage various libraries and frameworks to deliver robust and scalable computer vision solutions.


A powerful open-source library for computer vision that offers tools for image processing, video analysis, and machine learning.

TensorFlow and PyTorch

TensorFlow and PyTorch are top deep learning frameworks that let us build and train advanced neural networks for all kinds of applications, from object detection to image classification and segmentation.


This set of image processing algorithms is built right into the Python scientific stack. With scikit-image, we can handle tasks like image filtering, morphology, segmentation, and feature extraction, all while tapping into NumPy's powerful data manipulation capabilities.

YOLO (You Only Look Once)

YOLO is a cutting-edge, real-time object detection system that's both fast and accurate. Perfect for instant analysis, YOLO processes images in one go, making it ideal for time-sensitive tasks like video surveillance and autonomous driving.

Key applications

Backed by ongoing research and a proven track record, codequest brings deep expertise and experience to the most challenging areas of visual content analysis.

Surveillance and security

Ideal for law enforcement agencies and security businesses to use computer vision for facial recognition and object detection. Real-time video analytics allow systems to “see” and respond to security scenarios.

Document processing

Automating text recognition and data extraction from all kinds of documents. Our solutions streamline data entry, boost accuracy, and cut down on manual processing time.

Manufacturing and quality control

Computer vision can help inspect products on assembly lines, ensuring high-quality standards by spotting defects and inconsistencies in real-time.


Helping with medical imaging analysis to detect and diagnose diseases early by interpreting complex images. Human pose estimation is also used for physical therapy and rehab monitoring.

Retail and e-commerce

Enhance customer experiences with visual search and product recommendations, and streamline inventory management with automated stock monitoring.

Sports analytics

Using human pose estimation to analyze athletes' movements, boosting performance and cutting down on injury risks.

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