Solve complex business problems in just 1 week with Design Sprint

Use Google’s dynamic problem-solving approach to rapidly prototype and streamline project development.

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Design Sprint Benefits

Be budget-smart and lower the risk of project failures.

Decision Mastery

Enhance decision-making and improve collaboration within your team. Design Sprint provides an industry-tested and structured approach to align everyone towards a common goal.

Team Synergy

Boost team engagement with active participation. Ensure every team member's insights contribute to an awesome final product.

Swift Transformation

Shorten the journey from concept to product by optimizing the ideation and prototyping stages. Design Sprint's time-bound methodology guarantees efficiency without compromising quality.

Risk Shield

Minimize the chance of project failures by addressing potential issues early on. Design Sprint's iterative process allows for quick adjustments, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Process Overview

Take a step-by-step journey:

Day 1: Understand and define the problem.


Expert Interview
Goal & Sprint Questions

Day 2: Brainstorm solutions.


Lightning Demos

Day 3: Select and refine your best ideas


Heat-map Vote
Staw-poll Vote
Decider Vote

Day 4: Transform ideas into tangible prototype, providing a clear visualization of the project's potential.



Day 5: Validate your prototype with real users. Gather insights to perfect the final product!



Think brainstorming on steroids—turning complex challenges into elegantly simple solutions.

What Will I Get From the Design Sprint?

Design Sprint not only resolves immediate issues but also equips you with insights and strategies to navigate future challenges.

Immediate gains within a week:

Interactive prototype of your app/service.

Design files and specifications, enabling you to commence the implementation of your idea in real life.

Summary of users' feedback along with recommendations on the next steps.

Long-term benefits:

Know how - you’ll be able to solve similar problems on your own.

We're not just solving today's headaches; we're providing clients with a DIY manual for future brain twisters.

Your Return On Investment

We conduct Design Sprints because they are the most time- and cost-effective processes we know of.


Average IT Project Cost


Design Sprint Cost

What Sets Us Apart

Explore the distinct benefits of choosing us.

Success Stories

Over our belt, not under. Benefit from the wealth of experience gained from successfully delivering over 100 projects, showcasing our reliability and expertise.

Tech Mastery

We don't just speak tech; we're fluent. Leverage our extensive tech expertise, ensuring that your Design Sprint is not only innovative but also grounded in solid technological foundations.

Unmatched Experience

We’re above the competition and our experience speaks volumes. With a proven track record, we bring a level of expertise and insight that sets us apart in the competitive landscape.

Design Sprint Lab

Come join us in our specialized lab equipped for ideation and prototyping (and healthy snacking!).

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the Design Sprint results, we'll provide you with a full refund. No questions asked, no strings attached. But we’re pretty sure you'll love it!

Meet The Team

Get acquainted with our cheerful team of concept creators and problem solvers 😊

KrzysztofOur Master of the Design Sprint Ceremony
OlaOur Facilitation Expert
AdriannaOur Digital Product Specialist
MarekOur Technology Guru
MaretaOur Design Maestro
KarwerOur Chief Technology Officer
MichałOur Agile Wizzard

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