Join us on the ultimate quest!

Greetings, traveller! Welcome to codequest, a constellation of polyglot engineers and bright creatives who work together to build great products for great startups. We are a tightly-knit team in which passion, transparency and fair play are the most important values. If you want to join a boutique software house where we experiment with the latest technologies then continue reading!

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Here's how it works!

Let’s say that you are interested in working at codequest. Here are the steps from first contact to a successful hire!

Get in touch

Click on the apply button next to the job that interests you and send us your CV, LinkedIn profile, GitHub repo, or even just a few words about yourself.

While we don’t have a standard template for applicants, it’s always a good idea to browse our website to see where you could fit in and how you can help us become even better at what we do. Do you have experience in similar projects? Are you an expert in some new technology? Then let us know and tell us why you’re the missing link!

First Meeting

If we think you’ve got what it takes, and if there’s a position open for your particular skill set, then we’ll invite you to have a chat using Zoom or Google Meet with Julia or Monika, our Talent Acquisition experts.

During the chat, you’ll tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and why you want to join our company. You’ll also get to know codequest a bit better - feel free to ask questions so as to get the full picture of our company.

Tech interview

This part of the interview process is a little bit different. It depends on if you’re a developer, a designer, or any other creative. In general, the focus here is to verify your skill set by meeting with a senior. So, if you’re a Ruby on Rails expert, you’ll meet with the senior RoR developer. This meeting is often paired with a programming session or a test based on questions that can verify your skill set.

Group Meeting

As we’re a pretty tight-knit family and value everyone’s opinion, the last stage of the recruitment process is a group meeting with a bunch of codequesters. Though this might sound like a potentially stressful encounter, it’s actually quite laid-back. Here, people can ask you questions about yourself and vice versa. The outcome is a much clearer picture for us about you and for you about us. It’s the perfect way to finish a recruitment process, won’t you say?

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Our perks

We want you to feel as comfy as possible at codequest and that is why we want to offer several interesting benefits for all of our employees.

Investment time

Your growth is the company's growth ↗. Fridays are for knowledge-sharing and self-learning.

Growth budget

Pick your conference or training of choice to learn & travel around the world.


Start your adventure with the guidance and support of a mentor from the first day.


...or PC of your choice. We like to work on the best equipment.

Remote work and flexible hours

Work from where you want and adjust your plan to work efficiently.

Fitness facilities

You can enjoy the benefits of more than 4000 sports facilities in Poland with a Multisport card or just use the gym in our office's building.

Private health insurance

We care about you. We want to meet your healthcare needs.


We meet every Friday over pizza and play board games on a regular basis.

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If you are interested in working with us and didn't find a vacancy matching your skills, contact Julia or Monika directly, maybe they'll be able to help you.

Monika Wocial
Monika Wocial

Monika Wocial

Recruitment Specialist

Julia Bernat

HR Business Partner

Julia Bernat
Julia Bernat