Custom Drone Solutions

At codequest, we leverage our award-winning expertise to develop advanced autonomous drones that combine cutting-edge hardware with proprietary software solutions.


Our professional drones, designed in-house with proprietary software, utilize the latest libraries, frameworks, and hardware components. Equipped with docking stations, they provide robust and scalable solutions that are revolutionizing data capture across various industries worldwide.

Computer vision
Open source flight controllers
Advanced sensors
Robotics framework

Computer vision

Using tools like OpenCV, YOLO, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, our drones can detect, track, and analyze objects in real-time, boosting their ability to navigate and make smart decisions on their own based on what they see. We provide flexible data processing options, including real-time processing on the drone, on a controller (tablet or ground station), near real-time processing in the cloud, and detailed post-processing of the image and video data collected by the drone.

Open-source flight controllers

We use open-source flight controller software like iNav, BetaFlight, ArduPilot, and PX4. These firmware packages offer the flexibility and customization we need for a range of drone applications, ensuring precise and efficient flight operations. Plus, we're skilled at tweaking their source code to create tailor-made solutions for aerial, ground, and aquatic projects.

Advanced sensors

Our drones are equipped with advanced cameras (including thermovision), GPS sensors, LiDAR, and IMUs, allowing them to navigate and map their surroundings with precision. We also offer solutions for GPS-denied environments like warehouses or areas with limited reception.

Robotics framework

We use cutting-edge robotics technology like ROS2 and simulation environments, allowing us to quickly and safely test our solutions and implement the latest algorithms in navigation and control.

Keys to autonomous drone success

Discover how our drones can transform your inspection processes, delivering efficiency, safety, and reliability like never before.

Cutting-edge technologies

We keep up with the latest tech, using advanced frameworks and hardware to provide the best solutions.

Proven expertise

Our team has a strong track record in developing high-impact drone solutions. Ask us about our second-place victory at an international NATO-funded hackathon on drones. 🎉

Custom solutions

Every project is unique. We collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our solutions to deliver the best results.

End-to-end development

From concept to deployment, we handle every stage of the development process, providing comprehensive support and seamless integration.

codequest team at hackaton

2nd Place at
NATO AI and Drone Hackathon

We are proud to have achieved 2nd place in an international hackathon organized by NATO. This prestigious competition required implementing performant object tracking and detection on very limited hardware, showcasing our ability to develop highly efficient and innovative AI and drone solutions under strict conditions.

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Key applications

Our autonomous drone technologies transform various industries by providing innovative and efficient solutions. Key applications include:

Infrastructure inspections

Enhancing maintenance efficiency with thorough inspections of solar farms, pipelines, and industrial facilities.

Transportation and delivery

We're creating drones that can transport goods, offering a fast, efficient, and cost-effective delivery solution.

Surveillance and security

Boosting security operations with real-time monitoring and surveillance.


Improving crop management and monitoring with drones that analyze field conditions, detect pests, and optimize irrigation systems.

Disaster response

Quickly assessing and responding during natural disasters, our custom drones map affected areas, spot hazards, and aid rescue operations.

Let's talk about your drone project

Ready to explore the possibilities of custom autonomous drones for your business? Contact us today for a consultation and see how codequest can help you harness the power of UAV technology.