Scalable Microservices with Elixir and Go

Give your app a Fast and Furious boost in performance

Scaling up and maintaining performance of your app can be a big headache. Go and Elixir are two languages that are used to build Microservices that will give your product the boost it desperately needs.

Why consider microservices development in Elixir or Go?

At a certain time in a successful startups lifecycle there comes a moment of big, and sometimes uncontrolled growth. In such a situation, the investment in a scalable technological solution becomes one of the most important goals of the company. When needing to scale fast, we recommend our clients to develop microservices in Elixir and Go.


As an app grows in terms of users and technical complexity there might be a need to create a service that does only one single job but with great speed. If you build multiple services like this using Go or Elixir you will have a network of microservices that make your app faster, both for you and for your users.


The performance of an app is of great importance but so is the scalability of it. Imagine that the usage of your product peaks at a certain moment and then causes technical bottlenecks in the app. Connecting a network of microservices together in will definitely improve scalability so that you can solve such problems when they appear.


Go has been designed by Google with concurrent computing in mind and Elixir is working on Erlang VM and both languages have been created to handle massive amounts of traffic with fault-tolerance. Even if faults happen, both languages have built in tools that allow developers to identify and solve the problem.

Where did we use Go and Elixir? 🚀

We are one of a few Polish software agencies that offer development services in Go and Elixir. Here are examples of apps that we have created using these technologies.

  • Nlyt

    For this health and fitness app we used development in Elixir to create the whole API for the iOS app. Thanks to what we created a very light but performant service that is resistant to errors, scalable and inexpensive to maintain.

    web development for dawanda
  • codebeat

    Codebeat is our very own SaaS that does automated code reviews for a plethora of different programming languages. While the main parts of the app are built in Ruby on Rails most of the codebeat core, such as the parsers and code analyzers are built as microservices using Go.

    kredytmarket fintech software development company

Performance vs Time to Market

The stage your product is in should decide which technology to choose when developing it. The clue is to use the best tool for the job.

Sometimes you are at a point where the performance and scalability are way ahead of you in your quest as an entrepreneur. For new projects time to market to validate your idea is of much greater importance. For such projects we recommend using Ruby on Rails, which is extremely fast in terms of development speed. Check out our Ruby on Rails page here.

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