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Rails Girls Warsaw
Posted by Magda Piechota
January 22, 2015

Have you heard of Rails Girls?

Yes? No?

Well, Rails Girls is a tech coaching community for women who want to enter the tech world. Their aim is to give women tools to learn and share ideas and experience with other women. The idea for Rails Girls was born in Finland in 2010 and spread throughout the world quickly reaching Poland. The first event was organized in Cracow in 2012. Warsaw followed shortly after. Now there are 7 cities in Poland where there are regular editions of Rails Girls taking place. In Warsaw the girls are very active and they have organized 3 workshops for all those ladies who wanted to try Ruby on Rails coding. The events are very popular, and the number of applications exceeding several hundred per event prove that women now are interested in the technical career.

We believe in the empowerment of women and we do give them a chance to thrive in the coding world.

code quest is a partner of Rails Girls, sponsoring the events regularly as we believe in the empowerment of women and we do give them a chance to thrive in the coding world. Currently there are 5 women on our team and we expect more to come after the Rails Girls trainings.

Not only do we sponsor the events, we also participate in the trainings as some members of our team are Rails Girls mentors and coaches. Our own Magda Malinowska has been with the Rails Girls since its very first edition in Warsaw. She helps to organize the events, participates in trainings as a coach, and in general is one of the founder girls here. It is worth to mention that Magda is a very talented Ruby on Rails coder, who has self-taught herself the basics of coding and now is an invaluable senior member of our Ruby team.

In the past code quest's people mentored Rails Girls during their Warsaw events. Ola Piwnik, Ola Grabek, and Lukasz Anwajler also took part in the events as coaches. And just recently two other members of our crew have joined Rails Girls mentoring team. Tomasz Warkocki (Warkocz), our own coding guru, and Head of Engineering will be teaching coding to the rookies during the next Rails Girls event which takes place in February. We are very happy for him and them. Rails Girls will acquire an incredible technical asset in him, while the students will be able to use his unlimited coding knowledge gathered during his long years of practical coding. It is worth mentioning that Warkocz is a creator of many valuable and widely used Ruby gems and is one of the best Ruby on Rails coders in Poland (if not in the world).

Another member of our team, Bartek Kruszczynski, has just been recruited by Magda to join the Rails Girls mentoring team. Bartek has incredible soft skills, vast coding knowledge, and a great sense of humor, which may help lift up the atmosphere during the stressful first few minutes of the workshop. Bartek began his career in code quest as a front-end developer, but very quickly moved to the backend and became an expert on Ruby on Rails. Just like Magda he is mostly a self-taught Ruby on Rails developer and due to this fact he may have some useful insights into learning that he can share with the Rails Girls. Bartek is quite an experienced coach who frequently holds our in-house presentations and trainings (and we all love them). It is going to be Bartek's first coding coaching on such a large scale, and we keep our fingers crossed for him, although we are sure the participants will fall for him immediately.

We are all very happy code quest's sponsoring does not cover only the money donation, but that through our own people we can share some real-life coding knowledge with developers-to-be.

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